Ooo were you looking for your cosplay photo. Unfortunately it is not available due to others actions. A false narrative has been created and hope this gives some sort of comfort.

The sites purpose is to allow cosplayers to find their photos after cons. On my IG you’ll see a highlight of a coupon code that allows the cosplayers to get their photos for free. The purpose of putting a price is to deter random people from downloading other cosplayers pictures and it worked. I’ve been in the cosplay community for 8 years. The main problem I heard is cosplayers almost never get their photos. Hence fort the website. But that also failed bc only 5 cosplayers since 2019 used the coupon code to get their photos. Others just screenshotted the site. Before yesterday every cosplayer that had downloaded their photo was the actual cosplayer and not some random person. Even after being in the community for so long I don’t know everyone or memorize all your handles. It’s impossible to tag someone you don’t know. My hope was your friends would inform you if they found it. The two cosplayer that did reach out, I respectfully handled the matter. Then 2 other people unrelated to the matter start probing me. Yes, I became defensive, another Photographer telling you how to do your job. Intentionally screen recording the chat just to create drama. I don’t blame you for passing a false narrative, it would be good to reachout to the person in question rather than add to the gossip in the future. Aside from the 2 cosplayers that reached out, no one else has. The photos were turned off bc I didn’t want to deal with individuals unaware of the process and reaching to a conclusion based on what they’ve heard. Maybe someone else will solve the discovery of photos in the future.